Nehalem Bay Crabbing

Just a fun day on the bay (or ocean) Nehalem Bay Crabbing ! Our custom sled is super wide and spacious providing a very stable platform to crab from. We use top quality gear and bait to ensure the most successful harvest possible. A bargain compared to renting a little, not so stable, boat and rings (not traps) with marginal bait then being left to figure it out on your own. With us you can sit back, relax, and let us do the dirty work or jump right in and do it all. Whichever you choose we will have a good time! Not to mention we will teach you the ropes so you can be more successful on your own...Cooking and cleaning is included as well!

Nehalem Bay Crabbing is also offered as a bonus! to most coastal salmon trips if you want.

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