Jason Rice - Owner / Operator...and Family!
Growing up in the beautiful Pacific Northwest - I fell in love with the water and fishing at a very young age.  As a kid, after school meant fishing... weekends meant fishing... even prom night was spent fishing!  20+ years later, you will still find me out on the water almost every free minute I have and loving it! 

After High School, I joined the United States Marine Corps and proudly served for 7 years.  After serving, I came home to Oregon for a brief visit before I left to live out dream - fishing and hunting in Alaska for work. 

Somewhere along the way I was blessed with 2 awesome kids who share a love for being outdoors (although one in particular may prefer the mall slightly). When I speak of Hammerhead I say we because the entire family makes it what it is.

After coming home from Alaska to raise the family - I worked in the outdoor industry for great companies like Leupold and Benchmade, but after 10 years in an office I realized I needed back out on the water to pursue my dream of guiding once again.

I look forward to meeting new people who want to explore, learn, and have fun enjoying all that our beautiful waterways have to offer.

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